About Us

The Virtual Serbian Singing Society has one mission, to bring together voices from all walks of life, to sing these beautiful songs written years before this kind of technology was ever thought of. Whether you have been singing in a choir for decades or have just started singing, the V.S.S.S. welcomes you with open arms!

How can I join?

You can email us at contact@virtualsss.com or you can join our Facebook Group. From there you will find all the necessary information to participate in our Virtual Choir Sessions.

In order to participate in the Virtual Choir Sessions, you need a way of being able to take video or audio recordings and upload them to our website. You do not need a fancy microphone or camera, but you will need a quiet space where you can record. Noisy recordings may not be accepted.

Submission links will be posted and sent to all members when the submission window is open. Included will be a link to a master video file which will contain background music as well as a conducting track.